Coosa board with AwlGrip; Rebuilding cockpit floor

Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by gatortennis, Apr 4, 2008.

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    I'm rebuilding a cockpit floor of my old Hatteras Sportfish and Since I have never used Coosa Board, I was wondering:

    When using Coosa Board, Is is necessary to lay fiberglass on top of their sheets or can you just glass the seams with fiberglass tape and then shoot awlgrip primer and paint on top of it?
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    Bentwood Bentwood

    I am using coosa for all of my interior panels, sole, built in tanks in place of marine ply. I found it is necessary to prepare the coosa panels by filling the surface with silca-epoxy then bonding a 6 oz glass layer, prior to cutting the panel and tabbing in place. I believe the panel will just absorb the epoxy out of any tabbing and not bond well if it is not bonded with fiberglass first. I doubt it would paint well either.
    Check with technical support at Coosa.
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    you hafta put down glass first before any awl-grip'n
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