cooperation for a powerboat project

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Supermario, Mar 11, 2014.

  1. Supermario
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    Supermario New Member

    I've been looking for more than a year regularly this forum. Many of Interesting and also very technically qualified members a in this forum.
    My question now is.
    Who wants a pleasurable and collaborate on a new powerboat project with me?
    I start with a 50" motor yacht with out flay. These should have the standard of European yacht. Who wants to plan with me the hull or has already finished something?
  2. TANSL
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    TANSL Senior Member

    Could you elaborate on what you mean by "Collaborate"?.
    Does this mean investing time and / or money in your project, repayable?
  3. Westfield 11
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    Westfield 11 Senior Member

    How well are you capitalized? Do have a minimum of $3,000,000 to invest in this project since this looks like an on-spec build? If you do, can you explain why you are looking for assistance on an Internet forum instead of contacting NA's whose work you admire and who have been involved in successful launches of similar vessels.

    What sort of market research have you done regarding your customer base, have you a target price? How large is your market projected to be be over the next 10 years?

    Have you established an arrangement with a shipyard to build this vessel? If so where? I see you are in Indonesia, is that where the yard is located? Will you be marketing locally or worldwide? Are you incorporated, if so where? Do you have product liability insurance, is so how much and where is your carrier located?

    What material will you build with? Steel? Do you know how much plate will cost you delivered to your yard? If fiberglass, do you know the cost per ton of resins or even which resin you will use: epoxy or poly?

    What standard will you build this to: Lloyd's, ABS, Veritas, etc. do you know the differences between them or the implications of those differences?

    Until you can answer these and many other questions this is just intellectual ************ and a waste of time for all concerned.
  4. gonzo
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    gonzo Senior Member

    Are you talking about throwing ideas around about a boat that size?
  5. Supermario
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    Supermario New Member

    Thanks for the initial responses.
    Tansl thanks for asking. I've posted here to serious find a partner for a cooperation which is of course rewarded.

    Here is some more information on the project.
    Material: GRP, Construction: Vacuum infusion,
    Certificate: CE, coast class C,
    Sale: wold wide,
    Drive: Zeus with Cummins ore Yanmar,...

    Gonzo, yes also for good ideas Im here. Thanks

    I was thinking it is a serious forum for serious question and not to sake how have the biggest .... but I think not all people se this.
  6. Leo Lazauskas
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    Leo Lazauskas Senior Member

    What will you contribute to this project?

  7. Supermario
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    Supermario New Member

    Hello Leo,
    I'm the owner of the company that build the Boat's. I'm from Europe and I now the taste of the people. I will make a nice living boat with the newest tecnology for them.
    For a nice boat watt we can make a lot of requests for differed boats will be cam to us in the future.
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