Converting Rhino Model to Autoship(Suite)

Discussion in 'Software' started by RHINOBOAT, Oct 11, 2016.

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    I am modelling my simple punt Hull in Rhino and am looking for a way to analyse its stability using Autohydro (Autoship).I have read through several forum thread talking about converting Rhnio model to GF files. The Rhino command AttachGHSData seems to be having success with most of the users.

    I have attempted to use this feature but keep getting the same error message.
    "Error# 9 Subscript Out of Range"
    I noticed that another user had fixed this using a text editor but I dont know exactly how to do this.
    Another User noted that this would be an easy fix but never clarified.

    I have attached the Simple Rhino Model for any assessment. I do have extensive experience with Rhino.

    Any help in getting a Rhino model to work in Autohydro would be greatly appropriated. If there are other methods such as Cmd files or offsets that work that would be good, but it seems the easiest way is th use the AttachGHSData command.:?:

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