Converting I/O to outboards on power cat

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    I just bought this boat, a 2001 Thunder Powerboats King Cat. The prior owner removed the engines and outdrives. I have admired the King Fish version of this boat for a while, so when I saw this one, I thought it could be converted pretty easily.
    I saw such a project on scream and fly from a few years ago:!/page16

    Here are pics of my boat. The transom is marine ply, 2-1/4" thick. I see no rot.
    I have thought about grinding the interior of the transom to add some coosa 26 or just some extra glass. I am not sure the coosa is needed but I think I need to fortify the transom for outboards (maybe just add several layers of epoxy and 1700 biaxial?)
    I also saw in the scream and fly post that he didnt beef up the transom. Some on there suggested he use a fabricated aluminum plate and angle on the interior transom and bolt it to the inside stringers, after patching the voids in the transom.


    I'd love some suggestions of how you would prep this boat for outboards structurally. Would you add 1.5" coosa after grinding the inside transom and then a couple of layers of glass? Or just fabricate the aluminum bracket and bolt it where the old motor mounts were?
    The King Fish models had 18" setback armstrong or stainless marine brackets. Those boats didnt have the transom notch that this one has. I am thinking that with the 10" transom notch I only need about 8-10 more inches of setback, and I could easily get a bobs jack plate to do that and skip the armstrong bracket. Thanks for your opinions.
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