Converting a beach cat rig for cruising

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by rayaldridge, Jun 24, 2011.

  1. cavalier mk2
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    cavalier mk2 Senior Member

    Darn it I figured crew CG at 4 feet out because a male center of gravity is above the waist. Average female CG would be around 3 feet.
  2. rayaldridge
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    rayaldridge Senior Member

    Everyone, I appreciate the thoughts.

    Bruce, what isthe H-18 section, approximately?
  3. bruceb
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    bruceb Senior Member

    H-18 section

    Ray, I just measured one so these are exact. The extrusion is exactly 3"x5", 3/32" walls with thickened areas in the sides and front. It is a "fat" teardrop profile and 28' overall with 20' to the jib eye. The diamonds are 1/8" and the shrouds are 3/16, all swaged. H-18s, even with the "magnum" 3' rack extentions plus traps, hardly ever broke anything. Heavy but durable. B
  4. AsterixDeGaul
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    AsterixDeGaul Junior Member

    :)) ... Probably for a basketball player. I had in mind 3.5' with the fulcrum @ midpoint on the lower hull, so 7.5'... Total being 11...

    Ray, you're welcome.
    Good luck with the build.

  5. ThomD
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    I think my D23 that uses an H18 rig has 1/8" wires, and 3/16" sea stays as designed. Beam is 18.5 feet. The rig fell down last year at anchor, when a jet ski went by. Some nut wasn't tight, or some nut didn't tighten. No damage to the rig or boat.

    Anyone have a rule of thumb on tensioning diamond wires, as a basic, don't-blow-up setting, not to gain performance? I had to take the DWs appart to store the spar last year, and don't have any fancy rigging tension measuring device?
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