Contracts Wanted - Composite Boatbuilder - willing to work overseas

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    I'm an experienced composite boatbuilder -

    Contracted with Carbon Magic to Whally Yachts, Fano, Italy.

    Work predominantly been on 130/160 foot yachts. My involvement has been in the layup of a deck using pre-preg, nomex and HD-Core.

    Had responsibilitity for the team in the making of the anchor arm at the forearm of the deck; production of bulk heads and fuel tanks. Undertaken structural lamination; production and fitting of scuppers. Assisted in the movement of yachts between yards; assisted in the fitting of a deck onto the hull and resultant lamination; undertaken lazerette panel fitting and lamination.

    Also with Green Marine for 8 years - skills and experience with Green gave me opportunity to represent Green Marine in Italy working on the Prada Designed racing yacht for the Americas Cup Challenge and in Holland working on Ghost designed by Luca Brent, as well as Asay Abloy 1 and 2 for the Volvo 60 Challenge; and the racing boat Pirates of the Caribean for Disney; Leopard; Ulisse and Shaman of Free Spirit.

    The majority of my work has been on top of the range racing yachts and the need for precision and quality is of paramount importance. Other areas of work have been on the production of life boats for the RNLI including the Severn, Trent and Mersey class lifeboats and the Fast Slipway and Fast Carriage boats, plus other boats for instance a 70ft schooner.

    Materials used have been pre-preg carbon fibre, E-Glass, Cavlair and NomexCore for use in:

    • laying up of hulls and decks;
    • making of bulkheads, components and beams.

    Skillsets used in this position have covered:

    • Laminating work, production and finishing of boats and mouldings;
    • Laminating in the majority has been done on a Vac system;
    • Precise mixing and use of resins, fibres and plastic materials;
    • Preparation and construction of tooling;
    • Ability to work from drawings and written instructions;
    • Ability to set up control and monitoring equipment;
    • Use of hand tools; and
    • Ability to follow QA procedures.

    More recently been in aerospace, but really want to get back into the boats if possible.

    Anyone with any suggestions, ideas, knows of vacancies, please let me know.

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