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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by oe10s024, Jan 18, 2012.

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    dear all inmates,

    i am from india and in y project i have to design a container ship for the hydrodynamic analysis.

    can anyone suggest me for design software?

    i have NAPA and Maxsurf demo version.

    why if it is NAPA or Maxsurf?
  2. JosephT
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    FYI, the definition of "inmate" is a prisoner or convict. I suspect you mean "mate".

    In any case, both tools are good for ship design. NAPA has a more comprehensive set of tools for both design & operation of boats. If you're into parametric, solid model design you can also use the ship design module in NX. This is typically done after the general arrangement/analysis is complete in NAPA. Downstream maintenance of the design is much easier with parametric solid model assemblies.
  3. kristianw
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    From sketch to detailed design

    If you haven't tried it, give Rhino a go. It's popular for boat design and very flexible. Works at all stages from sketching to production. Use it for creating the smooth surfaces you want and then use the Grasshopper plug-in to set up a parametric model of your ship as you get closer to your final design. For hydrostatics you can try the Rhino plug-in Orca3d. Download demo from and

    Good luck!
  4. chandru447

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    The best is NAPA which now leading software for basic design and i hav did container ship using this software. The results are very good. you can go with it..

    let me know if you need any assistance..

    contact my below email id

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