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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Daniel Cohen, Mar 6, 2004.

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    Daniel Cohen New Member

    I am designing a world cruising power boat that can fit in a 40 foot container. My first idea is 45 foot 90 hp barely stable monohull with small retractable amas and hydrofoils to dampen roll and carry 50 percent of the load . 7000# all up crusing . removeable bow to let it fit in a container . 17 to 20 knot crusing speed. any thoughts out there.
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    I like the concept, but maybe you should provide more design constraints. Personally, I prefer my boats to be slower, more efficient, safer and more comfortable, so I would pattern mine on a “totally enclosed lifeboat”, such as .

    The totally enclosed lifeboat would be limited to displacement speed, but it is intrinsically seaworthy, very fuel efficient and safe in nearly any condition. It can also provide tremendous range.

    I would eliminate external appendages, since the sea has a habit of removing them just when you need them the most.

    Mike Schooley
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    multiple container powered barge

    Interesting to find someone else who is considering a similar idea. Way to go!!!

    I have been exploring plans and ideas for using containers, 2 wide and welding plate to bottoms, sealing various other pockets, adding a bow, adding power and ending up with an unconventional flatish bottom boat.

    I only want 8 to 10 knot cruising ability.

  4. tspeer
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    Amazingly, the F-33 trimaran fits into a container, and is designed for offshore sailing. It is also easily trailerable once out of the container and assembled, which provides even more options for mobility and sailing areas.


    (Photos from Ian Farrier's
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