constructing a normal in CAD (Maxsurf or AutoCAD)

Discussion in 'Software' started by Speng, Oct 16, 2008.

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    Hello. I have a problem I need to solve in either AutoCAD or Maxsurf. I have a hull shape that I want to put some rudders on perpendicular to the hull surface (or at some other angle). I have a buttock and a section at the point where I want to put the rudder but I'd like to know how to find the normal to the surface at that point or alternatively I have the lines in AutoCAD and would like to know how to find the normal there. Can someone give me so tips?
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  2. Andrew Mason
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    Do you have a copy of Workshop as well, or only Maxsurf? Workshop can calculate a surface normal at the intersection of a section and a buttock. These are normally used for calculating stringer orientation and cutouts in frames, but could be used for your purpose quite easily.

    Otherwise I would suggest exporting the section and buttock contours to Autocad and using these to calculate a normal vector at their intersection.
  3. pavel915
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    I think rhino will give you the best work.
    You can make a 3d model using the lines drawing from autocad in rhino and for this work rhino is the best.
    After making the model ; rhino will give you the best 3d visualization to put rudder at a particular position and at a particular angle.
    Wish you all the best.

  4. Speng
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    Speng Junior Member

    Yes I believe I have workshop so i can figure it out there. Can you give me the name of the command to calculate the normal in autocad? I think I tried the norm calculation but I was having no joyI need to do it in the body plan and elevation views.

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