Congratulations Yves-Marie de Tanton

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by dreamer, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. dreamer
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    dreamer Soñadora

    Many of you have seen the profuse contributions Y-M has made to this site of his work.

    Join me in toasting him as winner of the Passagemaker / Imtra design contest.

    Cheers and Merry Christmas Yves-Marie!

  2. duluthboats
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    duluthboats Senior Dreamer

    :D He has a great gallery, worth a long look.
  3. Guest62110524

    Guest62110524 Previous Member

    Yves is prolific !!
    but Yves follows his course, he does what he wants to do
    he IMO designs to a niche, he does not design for the masses
    I admire, talent Yves
    Bonjour, happy Christmas
  4. Doug Lord
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    Doug Lord Flight Ready

    Congratulations, Yves-Marie! I love to see your work....
  5. Alik
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    Alik Senior Member

    Congratulations, nice boat!

  6. Tanton
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    Tanton Senior Member


    Thank you.
    Nice Christmas present.
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