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    Well, what works on one vessel must not work on others, to start with!

    A barge on rivers and canals sees not much stresses on the hull, compared with a coastal or seagoing boat. That may be a reason that there are examples with less problems.
    But again, after restoring and operating more than a dozen old steamers and other hard working commercial craft, I still have to see one example where the concrete adheres to the hull and frames. And over the decades I have seen quite a lot.

    Do a proper (circular and perpendicular) ultrasonic measurement of your barge and you might notice there is NOT everything ok!? But maybe you are happy and it´s sound.

    There is a cast iron column in India standing upright since over 2000 years and showing absolutely no corrosion!
    Nothing is impossible.........

    A cement wash as it was very common in tank protection is a completely different animal, there one can expect a good and durable coating over long time.

    And you should skimp on your dumb insults! You are here for just a few days and sure you do NOT know who and what is behind the individual poster.
    One or even ten snide comments on the different threads do´nt tell you much about peoples expertise. After a year or so, one gets familiar with the personality and behaviour of the individual members and can read between the lines.
    And that is about the time one needs to notice where those people are valuable contributors and where not.

    In this case Lurvio, Gonzo, Wynand, dskira, Drcraze, jonr and me voted against concrete, are they all scaremongers?
    Biased as you are, because I got you more than once with your pants down, you have choosen to contradict to my statement only, and not to the technical perspective.
    Thats not contributing, thats fighting!

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    AHhhh! I'm agreeing with apex...ahhhhhhhhhhh!

    Here's what we do to fix this situation:p

    First: coat the cavity with tar or something better......
    second: fill the cavity with a semi stiff mixture of concrete with superplastizer and water reducer and vibrate the crap out of it.

    Equilibrium has been restored!
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    You think I insult you? I alone choose my friends and decide who I take advice from and they don't argue and continually insult everyone. Your standards must be very low if you support someone who cannot keep a civil tongue!
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    Well, by so far you did´nt choose any of the proven experts here, but that is not a wonder.

    How would YOU comprehend they are experts?

    But you are very much involved in insulting them and spreading your "knowledge" on topics you have definetively no clue about.

    here for example:
    ..and following posts..

    Is there no public sandbox around where you live?
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    Dutch barges can be coastal and sea going as well, I have sailed several across the North Sea and along the English coast for many decades as many others have. Would you like some quotes from my buddies? You cannot give any reason for your claim, you appose anything in steel and as I said concrete is used in ships. I don't care what other people use but don't presume to know everything about concrete in boats just because your boats were bad, you are no expert. Properly done there are no gaps just like sprayed foam!

    Why should I skimp on dumb insults when you are so free with them, do you have a monopoly? Snide comments all the time are tiresome and time wasting so that if you do say something sensible it gets lost and many people just ignore you. I don't care how much expertise you've got it doesn't mean a thing if you are disruptive and unpleasant to deal with, same goes for some others. Why should I come down to your level and wait around for a year to read between the lines? You show your true colours now!

    Most of your posts are just insults, is that where your expertise lies? You do enough fighting for everyone and I find it pleasant to find a thread without you on it!

    The others you spoke for are free to use what they like if they are afraid to use tried and tested methods or it is not suitable due to the weight. Concrete is often used as ballast, it is only the thin edges where it meets the steel that might absorb any water very slightly at the surface if not sealed.
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    What are you talking about? You are completly off topic and don't read posts.
    You insulted me you remember?
    As for your friends, what is about? who cares about your private life.
    By the way how many thread you started?
    You are not helpfull here since you choose private insult is far more important than learning something.
    Please go away
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    So you are an electrical expert as well now?
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    Who cares about your friends, it's you that insults, you go away.
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    Gentlemen, calm down and get something funny to smoke. :cool:
    I got a bad case of flu and all these negative vibes just makes it worse and drives me towards suicide:(
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    I'll bet you are :p

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    Lake of inspiration:?: :p
    Have a bad day

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    By the way captlittleleg, the oil or the tar is the best way in very difficult to reach cavities.
    Concrete can be used but it has tendency to separate from the steel (not so from the wood as long the boat stay in the water all year long without freezing temperature) and let droplet of water in between, which can be salty, not only from condensation.
    It can start a bad electrolytic problem for the hull.
    Washing the water tank with a mix of cement as a paint can be a good idea, if financial situation is very low!
    But to fill up a pocket, I will advise against on a steel hull.
    Just commenting about my job.
    But you don't have to learn, or to beleive it, it is not necessary.
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