Concept for a 32' completely asymmetrical cruising multihull

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by Paul Dragonfly, Oct 17, 2016.

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    Paul Dragonfly New Member

    Hello Boat Design:
    This may give you a laugh, best point of sail is at anchor, which is where you spend most of your time tropical cruising (choppy/rolly commercial ports or resort beaches with power boat wakes throwing a small, light cruiser all over the place all hours of the day). I gunkholed PELICAN, a 20' monohull from Miami to Venezuela and back to USVI/St Martin thence Rio Dulce with return to Miami in the 80s and 90s. Back in Miami, I bought a windsurfer/sea kayak with outrigger kooky thingamagig and found it to be a blast - planing main hull with a displacement ama.
    I like the idea of a tacking outrigger or completely asymmetrical catamaran with an entertaining cabin, room topside to carry 4 guests day sailing, probably some sea anchor set up for when everything gets out of control, some kind of A-frame short mast arrangement with an antenna (as the lateen sailors call it). No thru-hulls and built-up epoxy-clad plywood hulls thick enough they can handle those wonderful midnight clunks against god knows what on passages. My thought is, forces are never symmetrical, this contraption will sail as a planing dinghy on one tack (round up in a blow) and sail as a catamaran (or Atlantic proa) on the other tack, probably wonderfully underpowered on one or the other. The idea would be to get the performance of a similar sized monohull without pounding too badly or being a treacherous broaching bound vessel. Anybody got any thoughts other than, "This is all wrong on every level!"?

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  2. Corley
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    Corley epoxy coated

    Do a google search on tacking outrigger. My favorite is Va'a Motu a very cool expression of the idea.

    designed by NG yacht design:

    more pictures on their facebook page:
  3. Tom.151
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    Tom.151 Best boat so far? Crowther Twiggy (32')

    Love the tacking outriggers - especially the larger ones.

    If you haven't seen it... study "Arpex" carefully. You'll find much there is directly applicable and more than a little useful. Enormous amout of useful build/design details there.

    Build blog

    Article in Duckworks

    IMNSHO, asymmetrical main hull should be avoided - Dagger/center board will produce all the leeway prevention you need without the cost of extra drag.


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    I had a canoe with an outrigger, it worked great. But had to switch directions to switch tacks not a big deal since the boats bow and stern were switchable.
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