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Discussion in 'Services & Employment' started by pedigree, Feb 7, 2010.

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    pedigree New Member

    We offer to display concepts of Catamatans 60' up, sail and power, with direct links to your site or e-mail for further work. Clients then can contact you directly to continue with more detail and interior work, if you do that.

    Members work is on our site now, front page and we have built the Judylan power cat from the artists work, launched and being enjoyed.

    Trying to use the popular looks that todays automobiles as an indicator of what people like. Agressive, sharp transistion lines, intimidating, "Wow" when entering the marina. Examples, Sasa's 75' motor sailer and Peter's 85' on teh front page and yes, Sasa's power cat on our front page, gets a lot of hits.

    There will be more twists to the 80'+ motor sailer on our front page as we try to tweek it into the look clients are interested in.

    If a client is interested in a concept, they are directed to the artist to work with them directly to the end result they are after in their dream Cat. We chose what is used, based on our clients past request and some times, hire further work we feel is worth further effort. Simple pencil sketches through to finished in the water pictures, usually after a client has reached to point of continueing the build.
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    Richard Heath Richard Heath

    Hi there, I have just done a project on a 40m concept powercat, you can see some of the pics in my gallery if you are interested?

    Richard Heath
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