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Discussion in 'Services & Employment' started by Gary Habersetzer, Jun 2, 2008.

  1. Gary Habersetzer
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    Gary Habersetzer Custom Composite Multihul

    We are looking for help in creating a new look for our cats 60' to 150' sail and power. Usually pay as we go, from simple pencil sketches @ so much for each, set by the artists. We will promote them (lost a few, they got to busy) as they wish with direct links for further work with clients.
    Send a sample, doesn't need to be a Catamaran, but don't need anymore tennis shoes. Also a price to go along with it and we are interested in going all the way to the water with a colored perspective.
    On our site you'll see some fo the artists work, some based on asking them to morph a Caddilac CTS into some cat and see what we get. One just launched, Sasa gets a lot of interest. The new 75' motor sailer we are working on now, but the artist lives in a country of unrest and we haven't heard from him in a long while. Like to pursue what he sarted with this look as we are about to start the hulls. or
  2. Alik
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    Alik Senior Member

    Just a question: why do You need an artist? Most of them are useless once need to draw the real boat.
  3. CTMD
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    CTMD Naval Architect

    Gary contact Rhys Deacon

    rhysdeacon (at)

    He's in the States and very affordable and has been in the industry for over 10 years and has spent a lot of that time styling multihulls.

    Tell him I sent you.

  4. yipster
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    yipster designer

    hi Gary, stay frends with your artists, they are only human also and inspiration shows some times better than other times
    Alik does real nice presentations and makes a good point but still i like your search, i'm still studying my ladybird concept
  5. brian eiland
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    brian eiland Senior Member

  6. Gary Habersetzer
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    Gary Habersetzer Custom Composite Multihul

    Thanks for the resumes

    Overwhelmed with the response here and will try to straighten out what I need. I will not send a blank check out or a lump sum and wait and see what I get. I also don't really care what you charge per hour, but do care what things cost.
    A simple pencil sketch, maybe even a partial profile and a price attached, will let us know if we want to pursue the process further. This sample can be of anything, then we will decide if we would like to pay for a few more ideas in the direction we want to go of the cat we are working on.

    Also, if we pay for this, we will use it and build from it with no further cost. We will promote you directly on our site and a direct link for others to contact you through. The designs on our site have proven to get the artists more work trhan they can handle and why we need to find another to help us again. The power cat we just launched was sent to us as a sample, client seen it and hired the artist to continue and spent a lot of money and then we built it from the concept drawing. The 65' Sport fisher was a twist on the designers look, but the 75' Motor sailer will be its own look when we build her next.
  7. edaydesign
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    edaydesign Yacht Designer

    portland yachts


    My name is Eric Day and I am a yacht designer in the Portland, OR area..

    Originally from the East coast and working for larger manufacturers (sea ray and tiara). I am currently doing contract jobs at the moment.

    I am an artist that has studied transportation design from the University of Cincinnati and can provide gestural pencil sketches and photo shop renderings. I also have engineering experience up to 110' composite boats.

    I can build what I sketch... Depending on the amount and type of concepts wanted I can adjust pricing.

    I would enjoy talking on the phone and maybe meeting up for some coffee.

    Look forward in hearing from you!

    Eric Day

  8. fjta
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    fjta Junior Member

    architect designer

    Hi Gary, please have a look to my gallery on this forum.

    Best regards

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