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Discussion in 'General Computing' started by Casper, Apr 18, 2007.

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    Dear to all,

    I just want to get some recommendations about the computer system requirements enough to run a 3D CAD Sftwares such as Rhino, Catia, Maxsurf etc. by the way, I'm not refering to the minimum system requirements that was usually mention on the softwares package or manuals, what I mean is the best computer specification that should have or perhaps acceptable as per the the designers or 3D CAD renderer's experience.

    Let me Specify the starting parameters where you can make suggestions:
    1) Processor
    2) System Memory
    3) Independent Graphics Card

    Because, as my experience with my computer having a 2GHz dual core, 1GB Mem., and 512MB Graphics, I used to run the Rhino for rendering a 42Ft. Yacht it seems like the system is slowing down even if I'm not starting the rendering yet.

    So guys pls. I need some recommendations, pls..
  2. Raggi_Thor
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    1,2 and 3: As much as you can afford :)

    For rendering raw processor speed is often the bottle neck.
    For large assemblies memory (ram) gets more important.
    For dynamic rotation the graphics card.
  3. TerryKing
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    Cost VS performance??

    Since you have specified these separately, I assume you will assemble your own system.

    What I do, with somewhat limited money, is to research motherboards on someone like that does bundles of board/memory/processor. Then I look at for motherboard reviews. Then I sort of plot processor speed / cost and memory speed/cost and buy last years top system at about 30 to 40 percent less cost than the top this year. Usually there is 10 to 20% performance difference, and 30 to 40% cost difference.

    Video Cards are real expensive at the high end.. again, last years hotshots with this years low-cost equivalent can save a lot. Do you really need 3-d motion images?

    Take a little swig of coffee and aim a bit below the top...
  4. kjellhoegseth
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    System requirement

    Hi !
    In my job and private i can very good handle CATIA V5 ,and I also use Turbo CAD Pro v12 on a modern DELL laptop PC with 1024 MB RAM with a good graphic card. The main thing is that you have an extra separate monitor minimum 20", or more to handle details without needing to zoom in and out all the time. If you want to spend more money buy a "cinema monitor" to take with you for group presentations of 3D cad presentations. At home i file big projects on a separate Maxtor Hard Drive,and for outside presentations I burn a CD with all files needed as a back up. To save time get a mouse with 5 buttons and program zoom,pan and rotation. The more RAM you buy the faster the machine will work 2MB would be perfect. A 2GHz processor will be sufficiant for the most demanding tasks. The benefit of a laptop is that you can take with you anywhere.

  5. Speng
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    Hi. I'd like an update on this. I'm looking to buy a laptop to run AutoCAD and Hullform and maybe other CAD prgorams. For portability I'm ideally looking for the smallest size possible (i.e. one of the sub compacts) all though a midsize would be fine I just don't want a jumber 17" model as I'll be using a separate screen when doing anythign serious at home. What sort of processor, RAM (type/amount) and video card should I be looking for? Can I find the type of performance (i.e. more than basic) in a small package? Do you have any example configurations?

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