composting toilets?

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by boatenthusiast, Oct 3, 2015.

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    has anyone here used a composting toilet ona boat before? i like the fact that they are an all in one unit.
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    we have had a C-Head for three years and wouldn't now have anything else on a cruising boat

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    FAST FRED Senior Member

    Yes there great BUT , if you have a ton of beer drinking male guests they can be a PIA.

    The unit will sepirate liquid waste from solid waste.

    #1 goes in a 2 gallon tank you empty , #2 goes into the compost section.

    It all works great except the boys must sit down for #1 as that is how it gets into the liquid tank.

    On the hook, no problem most guys use the leeward rail, in a liveaboard in a marina , a hassle if you entertain much.

    If can use a used Natures Head , $500 US ,,, PM me.
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