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    Finaly I have found plans for A class catamaran. The moulds seems very complex to me, just 4 pieces. Do you have any suggestions with setting up or building the crossbeams separately?
    Thank you for your answers

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    wow i would love to be a part of this build !!:D
    It is very clever , i would recomend that the cross beams be built as a part of the whole structure and not as separate spars . :)
    During my time of glassing and doing boat repaires its usually its the spar lands and the areas surrounding them that suffer and break and eventuall fall apart . I asume there will be some internal structure ,webbing and space frames ?
    If a schedual has been specified and spec-d then i suggest you look seriously at the glassing in the light of progressive distruction lamnates and materials , flex and twist , combined these and will serve you well and it will not fall apart like so many that have gone before over the years .
    Parting words !!:confused:
    Carbon Yes? just be careful how and where you use it !! :p
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