Comparation between Watertight door & Weathertight door

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by starich, May 17, 2011.

  1. starich
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    Pls give me some compare between W.T door & Weathertight door. If can, update some drawing attachment.
  2. TeddyDiver
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    Depends what rule you are using and the size and usage of the vessel. For yachts ISO 12216 is the most relevant. There's requirements of watertightness tests and loads..
  3. PAR
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    Weather tight doors just keep out the rain, water tight doors withstand considerably more.
  4. Dean Smith

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    a w/t door much be when shut an integral part of the structure and be able to hold back water pressure from both sides(see submarine) It can be closed by a wheel that operates all dogs at once or all dog handles can be separate and individually shut
    Doors on modern ships are shut by remote means and are alarmed and s o on
    Weather tight should be able to stand a stream from a high volume hose
    Bugger all yachts pass the test, but they should:p
  5. Alik
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    Watertight and weathertight are terms used in commercial craft rules. They are likely to correspond to watertightness of category 1 and category 3 from ISO1216 respecively.
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  6. Submarine Tom

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    There is no comparison between the two. They are completely different in use and function. One keeps the weather out, the other keeps the ocean out.

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