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    About 50 years ago, I did a lot of sailing out of San Pedro, in a
    flush-teak-decked more or less single-designed sloop,
    (gaff rigged, as I recall, perhaps wrongly...50 years is a long time)
    and in my view, the overall nicest 30 footer I have ever sailed,
    which may be due to my having lost my virtue aboard, one
    weekend. In 1950, I was told there were only four built, at that
    time, by the designer who may have been called Weymouth.
    Any information about these boats, their design, drawings or
    whatever, would be appreciated. E-mail
    Likewise, any drawings or discussions on Joshua Slocum's
    Spray and on other deep-water seaworthy yawls and ketch-
    rigged small (under 10 meter) fast cruisers would be useful.
    The Swedish libraries seem to have jumped from Viking raiders to
    fiberglass ocean racers

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    Hi Gordon
    Have a look at my Nantucket clipper, about 9.5m, Yawl and definately seaworthy! OK so she's glass, but how thick!! With me she has done half of Biscay, English Channel, North Sea, Baltic etc - I always found that she handled anything up to a 7 very well. by an 8 I would think about heaving ... to.
    Follow the links to the owners assn, - there have been quite a few sailed accross the pond and back, and she is rumoured to be very fast under mizzen staysail.
    Info, pics and links are here


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