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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by MickT, Nov 14, 2010.

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    Kanfish Kansai Fishing Company

    Thanks for the thought here,
    one of the aspects that comes through strongly is, as I have found too, is the guys that have worked these sailing trollers just love them. In fishing there are many methods and it seems that many different personalities go with the different methods that suit them. So it should be and it keeps the conversations flowing and interesting.
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    Kanfish Kansai Fishing Company

    One USA, Los Angeles, contact is talking a ten vessel fleet of K class units!
    Time will tell I guess.
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    Working Sailers in OR

    I've seen this boat and another, similar, design working out of Newport, OR.

    Sailing Fisher by Noah and Cat, on Flickr

    They're both good looking boats. One is a wood hull (the other might be too). Both have outriggers mounted near the aft mast. Aft pilothouse (definitely a plus in the Pacific) and a working foredeck. I think the one I saw this morning is a little bigger than the one in the photo. Seem to recall it having a bit more foredeck space.

    My guess is, due to their activity lately, that they fish Tuna.

    If I can get a photo of the other one I'll post them up, there are some differences in the designs that I actually like.
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    Kanfish Kansai Fishing Company

    The WWF Smart Gear International Competition 2011 where posted online Thursday 17 th November and the K class troller design entry drew a blank, Maybe close but ' No Cigar ' as they say!
    WWF stuck to their guns and judged ' gear ' to give the prizes to. At least all the ideas came in from working fishermen so that has to be good. My congratulations to the Winners!

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    Look at Thomas Colvins designs. I am thinking a heavy displacement schooner or Junk rigged schooner very easy to single hand sail and with a slow turning M-1 or M-2 rated diesel motor economical and sea worthy. This is the type of boat fished before motors off northeast coat in past.
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    A fish hold forward is no problem at all. A simple shoot carries them nicely forward. Check my Avatar. She's all Hartog, and all fishboat!
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    I can't tell you about Thermoking, how good it is for fish hold refregiration. I know that some Carrier Transcold ref container systems could be more suitable:
    1. Water cooling for condenser is a factory option.
    2. 15kW power consumption at start-up. (for 24 foot container).
    3. Can be retrofitted into shock freezer.
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    There is a boat listed for sale on the cruisers sailing forum ( big wooden boat ) that might be of intrest . A fishing sailboat built in 1903. Rick
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    There is the option to buy a current fishing boat and convert to motorsailer.
    On the Great Lakes are numerous fish tugs for sale. They are a unique design indigent to the lakes but could well serve in Pacific. I believe a skeg or full keel could be added to make sailing possible.
    They have bow doors and stern doors for hauling and setting.

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    The Grweat Lakes actually are fresh water inland seas.
    If you think lakers aren't built for harsh conditions, how about 100 mile per hour straightline wind storms with no warnings. Frequently, jet streams crossing upper US, drop down to the surface for awhile. Unlike hurricanes, there is no warning.
    These hulls won't be corroded, being in fresh water. And strongly built! Fit to breakl ice!

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    Avel Marine Projects in Brittany are testing two commercial vessels equipped with modern sailing rigs which appear to be close to what Gerry Dykstra developed for Greenpeace. While one of the boats (16m Grand Largue) is or was a fishing vessel, she does not appear to be engaged (no gear aboard) in fishing at this time.........

    I don't think they've got the visibility from the wheelhouse while under sail thing worked out yet.........Two bipod masts setting three roller-furling sails

    Grand Largue.jpg
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    I've spent a lot of time pouring over FAO & UN naval architect's reports on fishing vessels, and what frequently happens is that additional weights or a larger hold is added, leading to diminishing intact stability and simultaneously diminishing freeboard. This led me to write an Excel spreadsheet that combines Cyrus Hamlin's fishing vessel optimization algorithm with the approach to determining adequate vessel beam outlined here.

    If anyone would like a copy of my spreadsheet, please write me a private message, tell me who you are, and include your direct email address.

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    I "worked" on one of these as a teenager out of Tobermory, Ontario. Uniquely adapted to Great Lake fishing. One of the local commercial fishermen, Pete (who later became a family friend when my parents retired) took me and my brother out.

    The commercial Whitefish fishery is gone, the federal government bought out all the licenses and gave them to the Native folks (who in their inimitable fashion failed to ever go fishing). Most of the boats converted to dive charters, as the Native folks liked getting the free licenses, but no so much paying for the boats or working on a schedule.

    Nothing like the thrum of a Detroit diesel! This was before the days of GPS plotted sets and recoveries. I could not figure out how Pete knew where to go to find his nets in the fog, but he unerringly would pull up to the buoy flags. Because the water is so cold, the decks were almost completely sheltered - with openings fore and aft.

    Pete used to tell me and my brother on rough days - "It's a two bagger day boys. One for your lunch on the way out and plastic one for your lunch on the way back."

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