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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by lugnuts, Oct 22, 2020.

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    So I was using the “compare” function on to compare 3 boats that were popped from the same mold, the Columbia Sabre 32, the Columbia 5.5, and the Ericson Scorpion. All the numbers matched up pretty much as you would expect except for one. The Columbia 5.5 has LWL of 25.00 while the Sabre and the Scorpion have a LWL of 22.58 feet. How can this be? Three boats with the same hull, same displacement, same beam, etc, etc? I would think the heavier boats, Sabre and Scorpion, would sit lower in the water and might have a longer LWL. It makes no sense to me that the Columbia 5.5 has the longer LWL. Or perhaps this is simply an error? Or maybe the LWL of the 5.5 is calculated burdened with a crew? What am I missing? TIA
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    Here are some links for reference - a

    The Sailboat Data has side profile drawings for the Sabre and the Scorpion, but not for the 5.5 which is a shame - if there was a drawing, one could roughly scale off the drawing to see what the LWL is.

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    Maybe not.

    If the shorter LWL ones used less ballast, the LWLs would come up shorter. Also, one may be measuring the LWL at light ship, and the other may be measuring it at a full load.

    We may never know what they mean by "displacement". Do they mean what the boat displaces empty? Half load? Or full load?

    Due to the long stern overhang of this design, a few inches of hull immersion would lengthen the LWL considerably.
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