Cold molded mono hull

Discussion in 'Materials' started by ediestel, Jun 11, 2008.

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    " a 22ft. outrigger canoe in cold molded plywood using 2 layers of 1.5mm marine ply. Also it has a layer of 200 g.s.m. woven carbon over the outside and one layer of tightly woven 100 g.s.m. fibreglass over that. "

    How much does cold molded hull weigh in comparison with a double carbon hull with a thin core ?

    Is a cold molded laminate hull resistant to being soaked with water/ how resistant is it ?
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    Can't answer the first question but I can answer the second. If the cold molded hull is soaked with resin then it will be extremely resistant to water getting in the wood. I had a cold molded boat that was built in 1948. It was still going strong in the 1980's. I sold it but I imagine it's still being used.
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