cold crack on my

Discussion in 'Materials' started by joco, Apr 20, 2012.

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    hi all

    i baught a used mad river explorer 16 in royalex...with wood gunnel.

    but there is a 10 inch cold crack in front.

    i want to repare it myself.

    i want a nice job..flexible but not to expensive.

    any info would be nice


    i am sher there is a few way to fix that.

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    Interesting ...

    Are cold cracks covered under warranty?

    No. Cold cracks are caused by subjecting the hull material to stress beyond its design limitations and are thus excluded from warranty coverage.

    The manufacturer of Royalex does not warranty the material to the canoe molders for this issue. It is their position that it is a material limitation, not a material defect, that makes the material prone to cold cracks. Given all the studies and effort that has been dedicated over the year to solving this issue, that position is justified.

    How are cold cracks repaired?

    In short, kevlar or fiberglass patches are placed on the inside of the canoe and embedded in epoxy adhesive. It is not a particularly complex process but can be a bit messy.
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