CNC cut, "Methacrylate" bonded aluminum construction

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    The "Rambler 38" is a 38' aluminum center console designed by Sparkman & Stephens' head designer Brendan Abbott. The boat is constructed from aluminum using CNC cut panels cut to the exact shape, and are bonded with "Methacrylate" adhesive. The process is named ExactForm and is described as proprietary.

    Professional Boatbuilder article: The Rambler, a 38' Aluminum Center-Console - Professional BoatBuilder Magazine

    Rambler Yacht Company: website Home

    Rambler 38 press release: Rambler Yacht Co. Introduces New American Yacht Line with Announcement of the Rambler 38 Center Console

    Sparkman & Stephens' website has a brief description and a number of computer renderings Rambler 38 | Sparkman & Stephens

    The November/December 2018 issue of Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors magazine has an article which is not available online for free.

    From the Rambler Yacht Company website:
    Using the ExactForm™ technique means that topside panels do not require traditional paint systems or coatings. As the plate will be CNC cut to the exact shape, it comes with a factory finish. That finish can be polished, matte, mill spec, coated, or uncoated - all unprecedented finishes. Alternatively, ExactForm™ construction requires no fairing, and the topsides can be finished in any color or graphic using vinyl wraps.

    The MBH&H article about the boats using "Methacrylate" bonding, presumably a form of MMA adhesives. That's the only mention I found of bonding or adhesive. Presumably the use of bonding rather than welding is the reason for the claim that the boat can use the "factory" finish on the aluminum without any fairing.

    Several of the articles, etc mention that Lyman Morse will be the builder but I didn't any mention of the project on the Lyman Morse website or Facebook page.
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