C'mon, sombody post on building a Jon boat or a Pram.

Discussion in 'Wooden Boat Building and Restoration' started by thudpucker, Apr 15, 2009.

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    super jon boat

    I row doubles in a race that is held on a local river. We have won our class for ten of the last eleven years in a livery hull and need to find something diferent to try. Hence, the super Pogo boat ( Walt Kelly, Pogo the Possum cartoon from the 50's ) What we intend is a very simple pogo type scow: 3-1/2' wide by 18' long with absolutely no shape what so ever. viewed from the top; a simple rectangle. Construction will be 1/4" exterior ply with 3'4" pine sides and spruce ribs and stringers. If we do this, it will add some fun to the race as well as testing just how important hull shape is in protected water. We usually figure that winning is about who punishes themselves the most to put the most power to the oars.

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    I used to laugh my self to sleep reading Walk Kelly's books.
    The scow they always used had some different names on each side o f the boat.

    I can row two miles in under 40 minutes, but can row faster if necessary.
    I dont ever row faster than a slow troll, because the only reason I row is to fish.
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