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    Re thread Ocean News post #3974:

    Boating is linked to the condition of our world, that's what we talked about on the thread Ocean News on the "All Things Boats & Boating" forum.

    The last posts about religion were about if and where religions point out to take care of the world and each other, and were as such related to boating.

    So I call on you to stop your undue thought control about where we should talk about as long as it's related to all things boating, and reopen the thread.

    And why did you close the thread Real Ocean News ?

    And why wasn't even a reason given there ?

    I call on you to reopen that thread as well ASAP !

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    Boat Design Net Moderator Moderator

    The focus of this site is boat design and boating.

    A little bit of tangential material is OK; the ocean news thread was given a lot of room, with multiple requests (over a dozen requests) to take politics and religion to some other venue.

    Additionally, threads that become so long become inefficient; previous climate change threads were problematic, became repetitive and very polarized and seemed to attract more jabbing rather than learning.

    The "real ocean news" thread was closed so the "ocean news" thread didn't simply spill over there.

    It's not possible to host everything on the site here, so it's better to keep this site focused on the common interest of boat design, boatbuilding, boats, and boating. There are many other sites which would be better venues for other areas of interest.

    Here is a list of other forums where political topics would be welcome: forum

    Here is a list of other forums where religious topics would be welcome: forum
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