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Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by Marlo, Feb 25, 2013.

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    I'm having trouble with clear carbon flat panels (carbon, core-cell-foam sandwich) when laminating getting pin holes in the finish product.

    Currently I'm lying out on a glass flat panel. Using West System with a Squeegee, priming my 80gram foam, laying my top layer of carbon on then vacuuming at around 70Kpa.

    Once laminated, I'm clear priming the panel the top coating.

    Does anyone know of ideas to get a clear panel without spending time after laminating?

  2. susho
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    susho Composite builder

    1: infuse.
    2: use out of autoclave prepregs, with a good resin content, and have a really slow ramp up in temperature, and a dwell, keep in mind foam is insulating, and temperature can have big differences.
    3: degass resin(especially west, foaming mess..), first layer without vacuum bagging, squeegee, and use a bristle roller. Then after gelling build up the rest of the laminate.
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  3. Herman
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    By hand laminating it is very hard to get a pinhole free laminate, although it can be done. I did a 8 m2 panel once, and although we worked very carefully, we still had a 10x10cm spot with pinholes.

    Infusing is the easiest option, but you will need to setup for it. It is a different approach.

    You will need at least a reservoir for degassing, a vacuum pump which is capable of pulling 99,5% vacuum, infusion resin, and you need to adapt your foam somewhat.
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