cleaning and re-painting an aluminium gearbox

Discussion in 'Outboards' started by valvebounce, Oct 19, 2015.

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    I recently removed the gearbox section on a 1964 18hp Evinrude.
    It had obviously had a quick paint job done on it by a previous owner.
    I removed all the paint,and found patches of oxidised aluminium underneath.
    I used white vinegar to get rid of the oxidised patches.I still needed to sand the patches with aluminium oxide paper(or emery)The corrosion came off in a fine black dust.I now have it back to the original shiny aluminium.
    After a bit of research,I found out that coating it in "Kurust" before you re-paint
    seals the corrosion,and it does not need a primer before it is painted.
    The prop was pitted, so I cleaned out the pits,(mainly vegetable matter)
    cleaned it with white vinegar,and coated it with Kurust.
    I now intend to fill in the pits with two part epoxy paint,and sand it down ready for the topcoat.
    I ran a file over some of the dings,which had burrs on them.It hasn't altered the shape of the prop,but it has now got a clean edges to it.
    I did the same on the gearbox.
    Just thought this might be of interest to anyone doing the same.
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