classic VS Modern Boat Design

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    The reason why i would like to open this discussion is as a result of this next year we would like to urge into a bigger boat that we will do some chartering, however additionally smart performance. My married woman doesn't wish to sail with Maine offshore as a result of even in ten knot winds she gets frightened. thus confine mind i'd wish to a minimum of single-hand sail sometimes once I cannot realize a crew.

    My sailor forty has been an excellent boat for me and have sailed alone across the pacific through dead calm to forty knot winds.
    Being an old William Garden full keel style, it's a really forgiving sailor however even at twenty five knot winds on a broad reach, I m lucky to get seven.5 knots out of it, in fact that is not including surfing speeds.
    Also my main issue with it's windward sailing that it doesn't like.

    With that aforementioned, once I upsize to a bigger boat, i'd love it to be far better getting to windward, however quite untrusting of the fashionable sleds with wide sterns, and twin rudders to stay the helm in control.
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