Classic styled sportsboat

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by Matt Lingley, Sep 16, 2006.

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    I posted this on sailing anarchy, but didnt get much in the way of intelligent response, Pretty much just got told that spirit yachts and the tofinu 9.5 had 'done' this already. Personally I think the 40' cruiser racer has been 'done' already and most of those guys would wet themselves over a new 40'er.
    So I'll stick it up here in the hope of some usefull input!

    There's two types of keelboat I love; Sportsboats for the dinghy like handling and planning downhill, and Dragons, just for the looks!

    Had this boat floating around my head for a while. Kinda metre boat lines mixed with a modern underbody and rig, displacement around a ton, half that down in the bulb say. 6.7m waterline, pick up another metre as it heels to give some speed potential upwind. Modern composite hull, carbon rig, yada yada.... Would cost too much to build and be buggered by every rule, but hey.

    Waterline beam is 1.1m, 1.4 at deck. Not worked out sail area yet, rig was guessed 'if it looks ok it most likely is ok'. At a guess somewhere between 25 and 30 sqm upwind. Asym could be very easily tacked to the bow, perhaps have a chute and hatch up there like the dragon's do for really easy hoists and drops..... Symetrical might give better downwind vmg however. 50 sqm kite say (guess!)? Cp of hull is .50... might be a little low for downwind speed.

    Renderings aren't great, all quickly done on a demo version of Flamingo just to play around (hence lines through them). Not a finished design by any means, rig was stolen off another project....just trying to give an impression. What do you think?

    Classic 2.jpg

    Classic 3.jpg

    Classic 4.jpg

    Classic 5.jpg

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    It almost looks too narrow to plane. I have always been interested in this type of project, but the narrow, nice looking hulls are usually only good for hard on the wind performance. The rigs on a boat with overhangs are usually smaller than the rig on a boat of the same size with no overhang.

    its a very nice looking hull though. I would think the concept has some potential.
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