Classic styled boats

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    an2reir fifty boat designs

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  2. Wellydeckhand

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    You great skill..... friends of Uli........ old craftmen you all.:)

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    Very nicely done. Beautiful Pilot cutter.:)

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  5. Wellydeckhand

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    Hai, I believe the craftmanship of central Jawa but they dont do cold molding and other stuff to make it a sleek boat, do you know anybody doin it.? I have a house in Central Jawa.:)
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    We are woodenboat boat builders and our current project you can see at
    For all information, regarding your post,please contac us.

    Nikola Jancevski
    + 381 63 256 587
    + 381 344 28 63
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  8. lamasboat
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    Dear Helen,

    I would like to apply for a job with my CV attached to this mail.

    Looking forward hearing from you soon.

    Kindest Regards,

    Caner Dincol.

    Liman Mah. 20. Sok. 1/8
    Konyaalti – 07070 Antalya Turkey
    Tel: +90.532.502 8679

    Boat Builder / Supervisor.

    1992 Yıldız Technical University, Istanbul.
    Major: Ship Building and Marine Engineering.
    Chamber of Naval Architects Registry No: 1515
    Jan 2007 - Production Manager Position for DTS Marine A.Ş. / Antalya.
    May 2006 - Sep2006 Production Manager Position for Today Boat for Holland Market / Antalya.
    Dec 2005 – April 2006 Production Manager Position for North Atlantic GRP fishing trawler boats for France Market in Ana Maritime Group / Istanbul.
    July 2004 –Dec 2005 Boat Builder of 7 mt. lap strake traditional gaff-rig sailing boats.
    June 2004- June 2004 Sub Contractor Position for repairing and epoxy – fiber laminating the deck of sailing yacht ‘Foxtrot’.
    October 2003 - June 2004 Sub Contractor Position for building new roll-bar, fly-bridge, new teak deck and total refitting of 32 mt. motor yacht ‘My Life’ in Setur Antalya Marina.
    August 2003 – Sep. 2003 Surveyor Position for dismounting – mounting, inspecting, sand blasting and painting of 21 meters aluminum mast of sailing yacht ‘Fidelity’ in Park Kemer Marina.
    March 2001 – July 2003 Technical Director, Purchasing Director and share holder position for building motor yachts for Italian market in CMM Dockyard / Antalya.
    November 1999 – February 2001 Project Manager and Test Manager position for building motor yachts for US and Italian market in Leight Notika Dockyard / Antalya.
    September 1997 – August 1999 Technical Director Assistant position in Antalya Marina and Technical Director position in Finike Marina.
    June 1995 - Dec. 1995 Second Engineer Officer position in the merchant ship M/V M.AKSU (40.000 DWT Bulk Carrier).
    Oct. 1994 - April 1995 Second Engineer Officer position in the RO/RO Ship B.ISIM (120 Truck carrying capacity).

    Strong experience in building and restoring classical wooden and GRP pleasure and fishing boats, wood bending, veneering and laminating, application of epoxy, polyester, vinyl ester and PU paint materials, repairing, fairing and painting interior and exterior surfaces of the boat. Plug, mold and product manufacturing. Furniture construction, brush varnish painting, restoring and installment of furniture, teak decking, refitting and maintaining fuel, water systems and tanks. Deck equipment and rigging installations and adjustments. Osmosis treatment, epoxy and polyester reinforcement and tank lamination. Experience with wet out and spray equipment, mold surface control and repair, wax application. Vacuum bagging applications. Programming work and material orders, organizing work teams. Able to manage multicultural workforces and to work long hours. Able to draw and read blueprints and lamination detail drawings. Acad 2004, Maxsurf, Word and Excel skills.

    Jan. 1997 – September 1997 Business English in Calgary, Canada.
    Jan. 1990 – June 1992 Italian Language Course in Embassy of Italy –Istanbul.

    Fluent English and Technical Italian.

    Married with two children.


  9. szkutnik
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    Hello Helen, hi everyboby. I am boatbuilder from Poland of 25 years experience with a wide range of traditional and modern construction techniques, specialising in teak decking and wooden boat construction. Now I have some free time on my hands.
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