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Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by Windship277, Jul 15, 2017.

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  1. Windship277

    Windship277 Previous Member

    Why are none of them masthead rigs? Is it just to stick with the motif? Would a modern rig be more efficient?Same mast placement but a marconi?
  2. PAR
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    PAR Yacht Designer/Builder

    You seem to have made a number of post today, some troll like. This is one of them and maybe there's a question in there or a point you're attempting to make, but to most the answers are obvious, class and rule related or simply economics. If you're referring to a fractional gaffer, being converted to a masthead (or fractional) Bermudan (Marconi was a term used on all wire stayed rigs, regardless of type, BTW), no you can't just hoist a Bermudian main and head off. Well, at least not with a well balanced boat anyway. So, which "classic rigs" are you referring? The old universal rule boats, the CCA's, what?
  3. upchurchmr
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    upchurchmr Senior Member

    I don't get the question.
  4. gonzo
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    gonzo Senior Member

    Some rig geometries won't allow a masthead design. For example, square rigs, lateens and lugs, in addition to what PAR posted. Also, efficiency has to be defined according to chosen parameters; it is not an absolute.
  5. Windship277

    Windship277 Previous Member

    So, change the rig. Do you mean..nowhere to make fast the shrouds? In a 20 foot boat I could only need 1 swept back lower and upper. I could strengthen the hull to accommodate the load. Could use thin stainless chain plate attached to the hull, outboard. Thats traditional, lol.
  6. Windship277

    Windship277 Previous Member

    Its a simple question. What about it dont you get?
  7. Windship277

    Windship277 Previous Member

    Yes, I know that. Par your used to talking to stupid people, arent you?...who dont know if your full of crap or not,,,huh?
  8. Windship277

    Windship277 Previous Member

    All you have to do, is strengthen the mast step, add shrouds and chainplates. Run up your masthead main. Was that so hard? Do not know where to sheet the mainsl?
    What am I doing here? If I stayed her a year, I dout Id learn fkn anything you all. Not what I expected. You can delete my account please. Thanks. and good bye.

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    OK. Your account has been closed and will close this thread as well.
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