Class rules for Passenger Vessel using FRP

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Class rule for FRP passenger vessel

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  1. mizkuzi
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    mizkuzi Junior Member

    Hi Everyone,

    Can somebody enlighten me if there is a class rule book we can use as reference for building and classing FRP PASSENGER vessels intended use to transport passengers. (Ferry) vessels carrying more than 12 passengers up to 60pax or more.

    What if an frp vessel was built as a yacht but then the owners want to use it to transport passengers from port to port.

    I just want to know any IACS rules we can use as reference to build a passenger vessel using FRP. Since most of the rules I find is only for pleasure yacht & not more than 12passenges to carry.

    Hope anyone could help. Thanks!
  2. rxcomposite
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    rxcomposite Senior Member

    IACS is the association of International Classification societies. International Class societies are ABS, Lloyd's, DNV, BV, NK. Yachts are in the "not more than 12 PAX" rules. Once it becomes a passenger vessel, it belongs to the commercial categories and rules are more complex/stringent.

    In the Philippines, the MARINA (State regulating body) promulgates the governing rules and have "adopted" the ABS rules as outlined in the Philippine Merchant Marine Rules (PMMR or "blue book"). As for the FRP scantlings, they have yet to come up with the rules but I heard it is based on NK standards on FRP design.

    Refer to Memorandum Circular (MC's) for any amendments/addition/clarification to existing state rules.
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  3. rxcomposite
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    rxcomposite Senior Member

    "IACS members includes ABS (US of A), BV (France), CCS (China), CRS (Croatia), DNV GL (Germany), IRS (India), KR (South Korea), LR (UK), PRS (Poland), RINA (Italy), RS (Russia)."
    What is International Association of Classification Societies (IACS)?

    There are at least 7 local classification societies which is accepted by the Marina, 4 of them are currently suspended. Unfortunately, None of them publishes their rules nor given for the asking, You are designing blind. Most international Class Rules are dowloadable in the internet free. NK is available from Marina for a fee. You can start learning from there what is applicable.
  4. aldy syahri
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    aldy syahri Junior Member

  5. RAraujo
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    RAraujo Senior Member - Naval Architect

    I think that, before looking into Class requirements, you should look into Flag and, eventually, Coastal State requirements. They have precedence on Class...
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