Chris Ostlind & Lunadadesigns, anyone built from their plans?

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by uk_brownie, Jan 20, 2010.

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  1. uk_brownie

    uk_brownie Previous Member

    Hello all,

    I'm researching otions and information for a home build multihull and noticed regular poster here Chris Ostlind is a multihull designer, he appears to be very well informed and experienced so must be well known in the multihull world?

    The renderings on the website look very impressive but I like some opinions on the quality of the plans.

    Are Chris Ostlinds designs tried and tested as I will be taking my children out onto the water hence safety being a priority? Anyone built from Chris Ostlinds plans? Are they very comprehensive?

    Feedback very appreciated. :)
  2. Paul B

    Paul B Previous Member

    If you want to keep your kids safe you should wrap them in bubble wrap and keep them in a padded room.

    You might get better results to your trolling if you troll in a forum where it isn't so transparent. Perhaps try one where you don't have an ongoing (expletive) fight with the person whose plans you are asking about.

    I was just watching a documentary about someone in a different line of work. He was ranting about it becoming difficult to get paid what the work is worth. In his rant he says "the amateurs are (expletiving) it up". Basically people trying to get into his line of work would work for lesser fees just to get name recognition, so the end product was lesser and the ability of a professional to make an honest living was diminished.

    I don't know if this story relates to this thread, but for some reason it is in my mind.
  3. uk_brownie

    uk_brownie Previous Member

    No trolling, as previously stated I had no desire to take the other thread off track.

    I don't want to lash out a load of money for plans that are crap, I like the renderings on lunadadesigns hence my enquiry about the quality of the plans. Not an unreasonable request?

    Regarding the bubblewrap, if I was that way inclined I wouldn't take them out on the water with me. It's a fair concern with a multihull to be used by a family considering righting one can be a bit more precarious than a monohull hence asking about the seaworthiness.
  4. Paul B

    Paul B Previous Member

    Sir, we are not all as gullible as Doug Lord.

    If you were actually interested in the Lunadesigns you would simply contact the guy with the website. Looks pretty easy to find him. You could look at his site/blog or whatever it is called and see one boat in use and a couple of others in build.

    Are there others that are finished? Who knows? Ask the person you claim to be interested in giving money to. I'm sure he would tell a potential client, or at least I would expect it. A professional would have no problems having a potential client know of previous clients, and contact them for a referral.

    So far you've only shown you want to somehow embarass the plan-seller by pointing out he hasn't had any (or many) boats actually built.

    So just say it instead of taking the long route. Much easier on all that way.
  5. uk_brownie

    uk_brownie Previous Member

    First, if I was purchasing a new car, I wouldn't ask the manufacturer if it was reliable, I'd look for 3rd party opinions. :confused: :confused:

    Second, I have looked through the blog and posted a request for plans information, no response.

    Third, I have looked through the blog and only seen one example being built in Greece some years back. No update to its seaworthiness.

    Finally, as such a prolific poster on here advising so many with his design expertise, how on earth would they be embarrassed by a simple request for information about their work. I've made the same request to another designer builder and not had any problems.

    Paul B, I do not understand why you are getting on my back, why not move on and give me the chance to find out my own information.

    It's simple, I want to understand the pedigree of Chris Ostlinds designs, not sure what your issue is. :confused:
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  6. Paul B

    Paul B Previous Member

    So you would expect any or all of the people who have built or are building designs from that source to be reading this forum? That's pretty silly, and you know it. So do we all.

    If someone contacts my firm as CH Blackie, or Somalian Blondie, or Aussie Ginger they are not going to get a reply to any request for information. I'm not sure how other offices work, so maybe you would and expect the plan seller to do the same. Of course I am assuming you only used your nom-de-plume in contacting the seller.

    Hey, I'm not on your back. I'm round the front. Upfront calling you out. What are you, 12 years old?
  7. happy_red
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    happy_red Junior Member

    Paul B, what is your problem?

    The guy is asking if anyone has built from these plans and has an opinion on them. That's not exactly a strange request on a boat design forum!

    Suggesting he ask the maker of the plans if they are good is just plain moronic.
    So, if anyone on here is gracious enough to answer the original question, then go for it.

    And Paul, if someone contacted your company to ask for information on your product, I would advise you to answer their query or you'll be out of business very quickly.

    "You're calling him out"?!?
    Grow up for christs sake! What are you, 3?
  8. Zed
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    Zed Senior Member

    Chris got me going with a design that suited what I wanted at the time. He even offered free plans under an arrangement to send photo's of the build etc. I was expecting to pay and would have supplied pictures anyway, but who am I to say no to such an offer! Quite soon after that I emailed him saying there where a couple of design features that would suit the sort of sailing we do and would he look at them. No reply was the answer, then after a prod I was told that the plans where with the engineers having the beam calcs done. I got the sense that the requested design features had put Chris's nose out of joint and that the offer had been retracted (unstated) so I figured I'd wait until the plans became available, order the the study plans and go from there. That was late 2006, I have looked occasionally since but so far the design has not appeared.

    Honestly, IMO, Chris does not behave like some one that actually wants to sell plans... he seems a little concerned that you might actually build from them! Pity, I quite like some of his ideas... maybe less forum time and more design time would help.
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  9. Paul B

    Paul B Previous Member

    That's not what I said. Of course you might read it that way, being a pommie.

    Nope, don't suffer fools at all and still very much in business. Somehow my personal income last year put me in the top 5% of earnings in the USA, in spite of your opinion.
  10. uk_brownie

    uk_brownie Previous Member

    In the absense of a response from the designers website, and noticing the designer regularly posts in a forum, I would have thought the forum would be a sensible place to start?

    Eh? :confused:

    Eh? What is calling you out? :confused: :confused:
  11. Paul B

    Paul B Previous Member

    Reminds me of that old saying, "You get what you pay for."

    I have no idea what your suggestions might have been. I've known of designers who have had "clients" make such weird comments that the designers have simply walked away. Sometimes it isn't worth it.

    So you never followed up regarding yourinterest after not receiving an answer to one inquiry? You must not have been very keen. I just now have had the reply I deserved after contacting a magazine once a month for the past year.

    I have no idea if he can produce a working design or not. There are a lot of blowhards on these internets.

    What you are telling us is your were ready to build a boat in 2006, but have not done anything since then, including contacting that designer or another one to supply plans?
  12. Paul B

    Paul B Previous Member

    You've obviously not made a reasonable attempt to acquire the information you claim you want.

    Pommies like you deserve no reply other than a Glasgwegian Kiss.
  13. Chris Ostlind

    Chris Ostlind Previous Member

    Geez-oh, what an interesting thread.

    Brownie: Like Paul said to you... I'm not going to take you seriously about an information request until you are willing to use your real name. If you want to ask me real questions and not engage in some run around, then pease have the courtesy to correspond with me directly. Once you do so, identify yourself as the person posting here as uk brownie and then supply your real name. I will verify the legitimate name you give from outside sources.

    I'm of the opinion right now that you are not, in fact, up to legitimate business efforts with all this, so it's up to you to demonstrate that this post and your previous, scantily clad query are sincere. The ball is in your court.

    Zed: I sent you an email through You now have my email address. When the message arrives and if you still have a complaint, please enunciate it, identify yourself as Zed, refresh my memory with your real name and we can proceed from there with a dialogue.

    happy red: I get that you see Paul as creating an unnecessary conflict in this. I don't see it that way. I see this as a less than honest expression on the part of brownie and Paul simply sniffed it out in short order. Everything after that is between Paul and brownie, but I will suggest that feigning a false business interest will not wear too well with Paul. I have already told brownie how he can make a proper introduction and request information. I seriously doubt that he will do that through recognized business channels, but we shall see.

    This site is not a regular business channel, it's a discussion forum. I have a method on my site for sending me direct communication. There is a comment section at the end of each and every article I post and those comments go directly to my email inbox. I can respond to them directly within the comments section, or choose to glean the email address from the comment and write to them directly.

    My business email is also all over this forum and in about ten seconds, one could quickly have a message winging its way to me.... should they be so motivated.
  14. Zed
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    Zed Senior Member

    In response to off list message from CO...

    I'm not really unhappy about it anymore Chris, its now become a thing with me to check every 6 months or so and see if the design ever sees the light of day. I may still buy it, LOL if you will sell it to me, I get as much from doing projects as I do sailing them, nutty I know but hey you get that.

    Like I said, you have what look to be good ideas... seeing a few more complete and sailing would be good. You seem to lack the desire to follow through on many of them, at least thats the way it appears from my 3 years or so of observation.

  15. uk_brownie

    uk_brownie Previous Member

    LOL :D

    I'll talk to an established designer then who is willing to discuss their business in public and not be so cryptic. Designers and builders such as Clive Everest and Richard Woods have no problems when I have contacted them, maybe the US designers run their business differently.

    I have no issue revealing my real name, not that it matters much it's Paul Brown and I reside in Swindon, Wiltshire in the UK. Anything else you would like to know?

    Regarding Paul B, being in the top 5% of earners in the US I'm not sure what that has to do with this thread and I have reported your aggressive post regarding a headbutt in response to my polite post to the moderators. That was quite unnecessary. :(

    As you said Paul B, there are sadly a lot of "blowhards on the internet".
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