Chris Craft engine hatch rams fault

Discussion in 'OnBoard Electronics & Controls' started by Landlubber, Oct 12, 2012.

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    Hey fellas,

    Working on a 25 foot, 10 year old Chris Craft the other day and the electric drive hatch lifters run for a while then stop, say 5 to 10 seconds.
    They will start going up again if you switch to down, run it a second then can go straight back to up again and it will work.

    Strange.....I thought there may be a thermal fuse in line somewhere that resets in that time, but if you don't go down for a while it does not reset?

    Any ideas please.
  2. keysdisease
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    They may be Lenco Marine hatch lifters. I think CC was using them around that time.

    Send them an e-mail they might be able to help.

    In the mean time on items like that with high voltage requirements you may have nothing more than a corroded intermittent connection. A meter will show continuity but when the thing needs real juice a little corrosion goes a long way. You could try hot wiring the switch to rule that out too, could be a connection there or even the switch itself.

  3. PAR
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    I've played with a few of these and most of the time it is connection corrosion. Clean up all the contacts, check crimps, etc., with some cleaning, it'll likely work just fine again.

  4. Landlubber
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    ...yeah, I have not cleaned anything as yet, just seemed a strange thing to do, aparently it has been this way for over 6 months, the owner was getting used to going up then down then up to get the hatch up. Certainly will check the connections and the swithch of course as I get into it. I will then bypass everything and put power direct to the rams if all else fails. They do not liik like Lenco rams, cos they are stainless. but have not been upside down in the well yet to see if they have a brand. Thanks for the replies so far anyhow. Ta, John
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