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    Hi everyone, have a question to put to the experts here. I have already posted this in the wooden boatbuilding section but I thought I should move it to here actually...

    I am a boatbuilder from Sydney and will soon be building a 17-19ft Chris Craft style barrelback. I use the word replica loosely because I am thinking of making a couple of changes...

    I would like to increase the deadrise angle so to make the boat a bit more friendly to the harbour here which can be quite choppy sometimes with ferry wash etc. I think this would also help to eradicate the tendency of boats with flat-bottom sterns to "slide" around. I also would like to add a keel to help it to track better and be less susceptible to the influence of wind. Nothing big, just tapering from say 6 inches aft where the shaft comes out to nothing at the base of the stem.

    Now with these modifications what would be the chances of moving the engine aft a couple of feet and using a v-drive to increase cockpit space? I have no problems with having an under-floor fuel tank further forward to try to balance the trim out a bit and I was hoping that the extra volume aft from the increased deadrise would make this more feasible also.

    Any constructive criticism/suggestions on these topics would be much appreciated. I specialise in restorations and repair mostly so my knowledge on the naval architecture side of things is quite limited.

    Carl Rickards Classic Boats/Sydney Harbour Boatbuilders
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