Chris Craft 327Q: preparing for winter

Discussion in 'Gas Engines' started by akoako, Nov 21, 2015.

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    Hi there,

    It is the first time I want to prepare my Chris Craft 327Q for the winter. So it is a very basic question. The engine is built in an Arcangeli EnricoI. There is actually not much space around it...

    I read the manual...

    I found the valves under the exhaust riser and the plug in the bottom of the circulating pump. But I am lost identifying the drain valves in the side of the cylinder block. I opend a screw that looked like that, but there was actually no water coming out...Can anyone help me, maybe a photo is helpful...

    Thanks and best regards!

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    There are two drains, one on each side of the block. They are roughly in the center at the bottom of the water jackets. The wet exhaust manifolds will have some drainplugs too, but that depends on the manufacturer and model; there are hundreds of variations. There may also be transmission and power steering coolers that need to be drained. After draining, run the engine with non-toxic antifreeze. Considering the cost of replacing an engine and transmission, it is probably better you hire a mechanic.
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    Get some fogging oil. Spray into the carb at idle. It coats the cylinder, rings, valve faces and seats. It keeps the pistons/rings from freezing to the cylinder walls. Smokes a little at startup. Available any good parts store, Amazon, probably Ebay.
    Tape or otherwise seal carb and exhaust.
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