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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Markxx01, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. Markxx01
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    Markxx01 New Member

    Hello to start with im going to have to admit I know nothing about boats, however I am an excellent carpenter, a good wielder/metal worker and a fair engineer. So i believe with enough time and research i will be able to build a boat.

    I have only started research today but found the huge verity of boats is making it difficult to find the right type of boat for me. I’m looking for a good all rounder boat design as my dream is to travel lots, the boat therefore needs to be sea worthy (most important) easy to use but also capable of river and maybe canal travel. And sails would be nice.

    The boat only needs to be big enough for me and my woman to live in (one bed and a hot plate ;))

    Any suggestion where to start?
  2. apex1

    apex1 Guest

    As recently posted on a similar thread:
    Welcome aboard!

    A decent list of wishes, so to say. That should be doable even if you have three thumbs at each hand!

    Go here:

    and narrow down your requirements (and maybe increase the size a bit).

    Then let us know which and why and so on.

    Take care! Prices and building times are too often estimated on the "low" side (for marketing).

  3. Fanie
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    Fanie Fanie

    Research, research, research, research, research, and more research.

    Buy a big crate of beers and try to get rides on different boats. The beers are to bribe the owner. Notice conditions and compare later. You will, over time, form an idea of what it is you want, or not, or maybe not at all.

    Big decision, going from zero to hero in ten seconds flat. Boat building is a beeeg job. Get a psychiatry evaluation first. If they found you are still sane then you may want to remain like that :D
  4. dreamer
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    dreamer Soñadora

    somewhere (I think it might have been here or maybe Cruising Anarchy) I read there are two kinds of people: Those who build boats because they like to build boats and those who build one boat just to have a boat.

    As mentioned, read... a lot! There are a lot of people who have uttered the very words you have. There are plenty of derelict dreams out there which started with those very words.

    I'm thinking the smallest you can dream will probably give you the greatest chance of success. Check these guys out:
  5. thudpucker
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    thudpucker Senior Member

    Advice from an old married guy, you better make that two bunks! :)

    Living on a boat that small will only hold your interest for a couple years.
  6. Itchy&Scratchy
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    Itchy&Scratchy Senior Member

    Hi Mark
    Welcome to the funny farm,
    I think if you are going to build a boat for travel and you intend including long distance sea travel, then you might have to forgo the canal option. The canal width will preclude you from having a long distance comfortable cruiser.
    If however you want to go for something like a trailer sailer then you could include all your options but obviously your sea capabilities will be compromised.
    As Richard suggested, Selway-Fisher would be a good place for you to start as they are fairly local. If you were looking to buy a second hand boat to start off Id say go for something like a cornish crabber or shrimper, which are lovely to look at, have that old style boat feel and are pretty rugged, also they keep their value pretty well for re sale.
    Failing that , pm me with your number and Ill help you along your way.
  7. Markxx01
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    Markxx01 New Member

    I’ve got my hands on a whole bunch of 6mm aluminium sheet metal and after reading others blogs i am thinking of using it to construct d base of the boat. Does anyone know of any advantages or disadvantages to this?

    Plus if i made the base of the boat out of ally could i use construction grade timber on the rest of the structure to save more money?

    ps I can weld ally, the ally is free,
  8. rasorinc
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    rasorinc Senior Member

    Do you know the grade of the aluminum you have?
  9. apex1

    apex1 Guest

    Which sort of Aluminium? There are many different alloys on the market, only few are a good boatbuilding material.


    you typed faster Stan..............
  10. nukisen
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    nukisen Senior Member

    Hi Mark!
    One option is to try find someone wants to make their last year educationally design projekt! then you will have a design no one else have.
    About the quality of the plates I hope it is equal or a higher grade then 5754 also called "marine proof alu". If so the plates will long for more years before corroding. Remember to not mix materials outside of the boat if you use alu. for propeller axis and so on. Caused by galvanic streams this may make the alu plate corrode faster. Sometimes really fast!

    Also maybe you will ask about in some kind of step displacement hull.
    So at the ocean you will be able to fill up some ballast tanks. Then the boat will get smoother in rough weather. When you want to go in and climbing a canal you can blow the tanks. And the draft will decrease. About keel and rudder it is easy to make some kind of like a centerboard to decrease the draft. Then you do have solved the problem with the comfort out at ocean and the deep in the canals.
    Also you can contact Stuart in this forum for consulting, As this man is damn good at canal boats, also he is the designer behind the "canal du midi" river boat.

    And If you see the problems to be something fun to figure out how. Then you will be able to build a boat. If you do see problems to something always standing in the way this will be a very eavy projekt.

    Good luck!
  11. Markxx01
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    Markxx01 New Member

    Hello again

    With some advice and research my plans have changed slightly. I’m thinking of building a 22’amigo (http://www.glen or at least buying the study plans $15 (£9.16) does anyone know any reason why I shouldn’t?

    Also the aluminium sheeting is marine grade would it be possible/advisable to alter the 22,amigo plans to use aluminium to produce all or part of the hull?

    Any help or advice would be welcome bye.
  12. thudpucker
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    thudpucker Senior Member

    Go to the Glen-L site. You might be able to get the Amigo Plans in Aluminum.

  13. Markxx01
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    Markxx01 New Member


    hello again changing the subject alittle but a mate of mine wishes to purchase a houseboat and is looking at something called a Alpine Star from 1935 it in average condition and is 34'. What would the value this boat be?
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