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    Have your ever thought to purchase a boat from China?
    Many brands nowadays, even prestigious ones market their boats but do you always really know where boats or components come from?!!!
    There are also some very good quality product manufactured in China as well, such as the HB580 Open boat from HB Marine (a Swedish Design Architect Manufactured in China with Factory Foreign Quality Management...):
    a very versatile 5.80m (19') long Open boat, as good as for fishing, cruising in family, skiing activities...
    Check out the pictures here after and don't hesitate to contact manufacturer for more details:

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    I own myself a Multi23 trimaran, she is currently built by a French Shipyard based in China; the quality, finishing, dockwares are amazing good!

    You mentioned that HB Marine Factory includes Foreign Management, it would be very welcomed as your HB580 Open boat design looks very nice, hope her pricing is attractive also!...
    Finishing is a key point, so if general quality is as good as my boat is, I would be very interested to push further the discussions ;-)
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    I have spent 10yrs in China at various boat building companies, some are good but the majority are pretty grim.
    I have good knowledge of the yards that can build quality boats however they do need foreign supervision.
    In China i offer a service of in build inspections to clients having boats built here.
    The service includes hull,engine,running gear,all system installations and quality issues, which i report to the client with photos and inform the builder of problems or issues with solutions. Depending on vessel size and build time several visits may be required ensuring problems are corrected prior to and during sea trial.
    As i am permanantly based in China costs are lower than clients flights/hotels and time etc.
    I have over 40 yrs experience in marine engineering and have gained vast experience of dealing with Chinese and quality issues.
    Anyone interested in aquiring my service for these purposes please PM me.

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    I would suggest that although the vessel may be quite good that people investing in a boat do so where possible within the economy of their own country.
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