Chined hulls like RM

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by pironiero, Mar 24, 2021.

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    The holes in the bottom appear to be the wrong shape for an Andersen bailer.As for the cost of the boat and the form of construction;it would cost a great deal more to build by any other method.A smooth skin, round bilge hull is much more labour intensive and the building of a plug and mould would itself consume a lot more time than this plywood hull.The chines don't have huge advantages or disadvantages as far as performance is concerned.The cost can be explained by the materials and hardware themselves,the provision of well lit,warm and dry place to build it,providing replacement sawblades and other small tools to do the work and employing a team of people for several thousand hours.The designer will probably require payment for his time and effort and the place where the boat is built will need to extract an amount of taxation in order to provide education,street lights and rubbish collection.
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    this still cant justify the cost higher than beneteau
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    Of course it does.The overhead cost of a Beneteau is spread over hundreds of boats.The processes are done as small batches or as single items and the number of boats is so small that there is no possibilty of achieving bulk purchase discounts for the hardware and materials.Additionally,in a small business,each employee has to earn a proportion of the cost of the site operating costs and a small number of people will each have to generate a higher amount for this than than each of the hundreds of people at a Beneteau factory.Just consider something as simple as changing a saw blade;in a small business it means that maybe 1/10 of the workforce isn't producing anything for ten minutes and in a bigger factory 1/400 of the workforce might be in the same position.
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    The hole you all refer too is for the rudder stock, the boat has twin canted rudders. There is another, less obvious one on the centerline for the saildrive.

    Pironiero, if you want to understand why it costs more then a Bene, look at their youtube channel. The build process is "hand made", no efficiency whatsoever. Then look at how the Bene is buildt, assembly line style. This difference in management style has put RM in the unusual situation of declaring bankruptcy with a full order book (over a year waiting time for a new boat), just because one of their suppliers had problems.

    But the real point is not how much it actually costs to build, but for how much you can sell it. Why sell it for the price of the bene, if you can get the price of a pogo for it.
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