China's economic is strongly recovering

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    1, I feel that the Chinese economy is recovering strongly, Especially in high-end manufacturing, artificial intelligence, autonomous driving, resource import and export, commodity markets, and in all aspects.

    2,China’s epidemic control was timely and efficient, and it was the first to achieve a recovery. With a strong recovery, many manufacturing companies have reported that orders have skyrocketed, and China has once again become a land full of hope.

    3, Traditional manufacturing needs to change and to expand
    I have always had a dream. I dream of seeing the eight wonders of the world and establishing contact with the overseas world. I want to expand, expand resources, and expand markets.

    4, I am in Shanghai, a beautiful, open and modern coastal city. I serve the shipping industry and I have seen a great recovery in the shipping industry. China has a dazzling array of commodities, resources, and strong demand for import and export commodities. We can explore together, exchange what is needed, and make each other a node and a link connecting the world.

    5, Something about me:

    A. Located in Shanghai, China's shipping center and China's economic center

    B. High-end manufacturing industry resource: the first-level agent of well-known industrial lasers manufacture

    C. Independent software development, update and maintenance of a set of ship general design calculation program. This set of software can complete the ship general work of hull lines design, stability calculation, loading calculation, and strength calculation. Currently, the loading instrument software is being developed based on this set of software. Core functions such as stability calculation and strength calculation have been implemented, and the graphics display and data interaction will continue to be improved in the future.

    D. Rich in industry resources, graduated from the top three marine technology colleges in China, with design resources and shipyard resources, can assist in the design and construction of commercial ships, engineering ships, and yachts, and can also assist in connecting resources

    E. I am now a member of a International Speech Club, there are currently more than 200 club resources, including talents and resources of all aspects.

    6, I saw the vitality of China’s economy in this coastal city,

    I want to change, I think we can change together, explore and find potential cooperation opportunities together,

    I have the dream of connecting the world, and I want to find someone to work together, to integrate resources, to exchange what is needed, and to achieve each other's achievements together.

    I hope to become a partner who can trust and be trusted to each other,

    I am in Shanghai, China, waiting for you.

    That if my goal and my dream and why I am here.

    7, If you have some passion or some ideas or some specific needs, please feel free to contact me.

    My email address:
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