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China build, trawlercat

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by trawlercatbuild, Jul 1, 2005.

  1. genuineyachts
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    genuineyachts Junior Member

    The Whole Story


    Things starting to get weird to me also.

    I am startting from your last question: I am not working for Jianghui Marine Marine any more ( I think I have mentioned this to you in my email while you approched me with a proposal of joint venture last year ) and James Georgechen is an English name I have chosen not just dealing business with any western company but also communicating with any friendly western friends. Like any westerner who does not have a Chinese name, We, Chinese, do not have an English name originally.

    To be honest with you I really like and encourage your type of advertising!!!

    I agree on and respect the fact that it is the nature of the western society to allow an open exchange of information and ideas in all forms (it is becoming a nautre of the eastern society too) but I would also like to add that anybody no matter he is in western or eastern society would prefer to have a whole story rather than part of it.

    I never argue with anybody here from the very beginning that there are some shipyards in China which are not qualified to build quality yachts but I could not stand it when somebody would like to upgrade it into a political and nationism issue or mix the fact with too much of his personal feelings or those information he was told by somebody else.

    Think about those questions I have listed in my last post and why do not you mention something from the other side such as the design?

    Your following conclusion is really quick and amazing:

    "We soon realized that you are not looking for designs but instead build contracts, good design or bad."

    I checked my emails correspondence with you about your proposal and totally we have 3 emails back and forth. The following is the last one I have sent to you:

    ----- Original Message -----
    From: "Genuine Marine Ltd" <sales@genuinemarine.com>
    To: "paul Krier" <snarleyowpaul@msn.com>
    Sent: Thursday, December 16, 2004 11:15 AM
    Subject: Re: SeaMasterTrawlerCat

    > Hi, Paul,
    > Thanks a lot for the explanation.
    > Based on what I can see from your proposal, I am afraid that the yards here might not be interested in this and as you know that most of the yards here are very busy with orders and there are lots of internationl companies which are interested in building boats in China are willing to ship the moulds over or have the yard build a full set of moulds. At the moment we prefer to just build the boat as per the provided design package for our clients and it is simpler and of low risk for us.
    > Let me know how you think.
    > Yours truly
    > James Georgechen
    > Genuine Marine Ltd

    I still do not think that any boatyard would be interested in your proposal of having a shipyard buying two moulds from you, paying for the freight from U.S.A to China and paying the salary you asked for to form a joint venture to build boats here.

    Could you please explain to me and anybody here what makes you think that I am not looking for designs but instead build contracts, good design or bad ?

    Yes it is true I am looking for designs as well as build contracts but only good and proven ones.

    I was approached by many personnel in the forum and you could find some of them in this post. I do not mind your talking with any of them to check whether I am just grabing contract and money.

    Last question: What is Genuine Marine?

    Genuine Marine is co-owned by one honorable American friend and I.

    We represent many international marine companies and manufacturers in China to promote their products and services here. By introducing quality products and services into China we aim to help encourage the exchange of good product, services, information, enhance the standard of yacht building and build a better marine industry here.

    For our website issue We are very busy with our business right now but will definitely work it out when we get more free time

    Thanks for all the posts.

    Yours truly
    James Georgechen
    Genuine Marine Co.,Ltd

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    D'ARTOIS Senior Member

    Problems with Chinese Shipbuilders

    In Holland recently a number of problems with Chinese Shibuilders have arisen, and not only about poor delivered quality but also about too late delivery.

    My observations are as follows: If you think that you will have the better deal in China, you will be disappointed when it comes to the actual delivery.
    First of all for any big size boat the shipping costs are killing a good deal of the "price-advantage" - if there is any. Secondly, the quality level is far below the one you are used to.

    A number of ships, build in Cina have arrived in Holland - the paint was already coming of the fresh painted hulls. The delivery according to the contract came far too late, the owners did not get their ships due to a dispute beween the Chinese shipbuilders and their agent.
    Final result? Nobody got the ships they paid for, only the lawyers were the profiting party.

    Good advise: stay away from those counries and try to find something closer to your home, even you pay more, you have the satisfaction of seeing your boat arriving from paper to reality. You help your countries economy and people to keep their jobs. Globalism is not in any respect that good.
    Where is your guarantee when a ship is built as far as in China? Do you reall believe that you will have a single penny returned to you when you struggle with a warranty-claim?

    Their is a Latin saying: "Mundus vult decipi" let that not overcome you and stay away from the greedy lot, wherever, whenever.
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