Chevy LS with 351W manifold

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    Couldn't find a whole lot of info on this outside the car guys. People are using 351 headers/manifolds on LS engines. One hole needs to be redrilled in many applications. All of the runners line up. Im still in the design stages for my diesel swap (finding a water cooled center cartridge turbo that has a good map for my BHW 2.0 vw tdi) but in the mean time i have a free 5.3 ls engine(from truck) if i want. I have a tuner that will reflash it to a marine program locally although i think for simplicity sake may just do the carb conversion. The ls manifolds, cheapest ive found are 1500, the 351s are half that. Attaching to a volvo penta 290 outdrive.

    I chose a boat with the volvo penta because of strength of outdrive, ease of swapping the foot for diesel gearing and adding a duo prop if coming onto plane takes too long. The ls engine will have no issues however my bhw is happier under 3000 rpms. My current motor is a running 305 (aq211) my diesel with only a stage 2 tune with all else stock is 170hp/310 ftlbs torque). Looking just to toss in a motor with a little more oomph for this summer.
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