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Discussion in 'Gas Engines' started by mikealston2428, May 5, 2017.

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    Hi guys
    350 inboard with no fuel flow
    Mechanical fuel pump with only about 20 hour's on it.
    Wouldn't think the pump diafram has failed
    Loose hose clamps / sucking air ? ?
    What should I be checking?
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    Pull the fuel delivery line at the carb inlet and crank it, to see if you get fuel from the pump. Of course this will spill some fuel, but just crank it for a second or two and you'll quickly know if it's the pump or you need to look someplace else.
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    Many fuel tanks have an anti siphon check valve on the top of the tank that over time can become clogged with fuel tank debris. This is small inline fitting, sometimes hard to recognize
    Occasionally we have seen fuel draw line issues within the tank cause problems, plastic draws breaking off the in tank fitting or even splits in metal draw pickups when seamed tubing was used. Have also seen a split halfway up a draw line so there was fuel flow only from a full tank to about half full

    If you do not have fuel flow with Pars method, you could try hooking up a remote fuel tank to the pump inlet and see if you get the engine to start. This will isolate the problem, ie fuel pump or the fuel lines from the tank to the pump

    Plugged filter?
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