Chesapeake Bay Deadrise, help needed

Discussion in 'Wooden Boat Building and Restoration' started by mobjack68, Jul 31, 2006.

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    I'm new here, landed at your dock thru an internet search for "Len Price Deadrise". Decided this is a place where some neat folks are rubbing elbows and sharing ideas...hope you don't mind if I pull up a barstool and hang out for awhile...
    I also need some help.
    I am searching for ANY line drawings/plan/sketches from Len Price's boatyard in Deltaville. I have a vested interest in his boats, my wife's grandfather had 4 boats built by Price including a buy boat that I found out recently has returned to service between Tangier and the mainland.
    I would also be interested in talking to anyone that may have worked with Price, or has worked on Price built boats.
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    Hi, I just found this posting and was wondering if you ever found anybody that may have been associated with the Price Yard. I own a 60' 1963 Price head boat, and was looking for some info regarding her construction.
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    Price Boats

    Hey guy....would definitely like to hear more/see some of the boat you have.
    Up north (of the mason dixon line) the boat you have is called a head boat or a party boat. On the Chesapeake Bay they are called "buy boats" Same boat design (minor changes I'm sure) same design theme and most likely built the same way. I have information about the way these boats were built. A lot of the yards that popped up for boat production built their's upside down, that is with the keel stuck up in the air. Price built all of his boats "on her keel" as she would be sitting in the water. Little extra work, hammering upside down, but some of the things Price was able to do was special.
    My wife's cousin is still in the "family business", he worked one of his grandad's, price built boats for a bunch of years. The family buy boat is still on her keel and dry in the bilge in a creek in Ditchley, VA. This boat could be the sister to your boat. I have some web sites dedicated to buy boats, others to the deadrise boats and YES, I have first hand information about how these boats were built. Enuff for me I can do pics and more info

    does your boat have a round transom or is she square??
    hope to hear from you
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