Chatam 33, designed by Gilbert Caroff

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    A Chatam 33 is for sale on Yachtworld.

    1982 Robert Fleury Chatam Sail Boat For Sale -

    LOA: 33 ft 0 in
    Beam: 11 ft 0 in
    LWL: 29 ft 0 in
    Maximum Draft: 6 ft 2 in
    Displacement: 15000 lbs
    Ballast: 4200 lbs

    The specifications of the boat state that both the hull and the deck are made of 1/4" plate. That seems unusually heavy for this size boat. Would it make the boat top-heavy? What might a stability curve for this boat look like?

    I should note that Gilbert Caroff has designed a number of boats intended for Arctic water sailing. Could it be that this particular Chatam varient was intended for bashing through ice?

    Chatam series
    Chatam series, English translation

    Chatam photo album
    Chatam photo album, English translation

    some of Caroff's polar boats
    polar boat English translation
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