Chapelle-inspired catboat design

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by mariasimpson, Apr 24, 2012.

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    An all glass version for Floridians would make sense. That boat would be splendid in the Florida Bay/Biscayne area. Some emphasis on ease of trailering a boat that will weigh twice what most of its competition does. More emphasis on ease of handling regarding departure and return to canalside docks. Any optional brightwork, every last bit of it, fitted as drop boards so you can carry it into your livingroom and varnish it. You can't varnish outside in South Florida. Garages are rare (building codes restrict this in areas below 10' above sealevel). Carports don't cut it. Think boat owner in a condo. Relative humidity never drops unless it's blowing twenty knots.

    You'll want two sizes- the "I've got 45 minutes till dinner" size and the "I'm taking my friends for a sail" size.

    Some clever person needs to covert some old Seagulls into Torqeedos for these retro styled boats, or splash a fake cowl.

    Floridians may not have garages, but they all have 7hp 3500psi pressure washers; and that's what they will clean the boat with. Even if its just two blobs of bird poop.

    Provide a ladder for snorkeling.

    I love the boat.
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