Chainplates for a Hurley 18

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    Can anybody give some quick advice on the rough spec for the chainplates (shrouds) for a Hurley 18. I've just pulled the old ones out with intention of replacing them and they vary in length as well as thickness(7mm and 4mm) and not in the way you'd expect ( cap shroud is thinnest on one side and not on the other) leading me to believe the boat wasn't yard built, but a self build, but they look to be the original(early 70s)

    So the question is given the size of the H18 rig, will 4 mm thick chainplates be sufficient when through bolted through hull (3xM8) ? The old ones have a 9mm size aperture for turnbuckle/shrouds and is less than this from the 'lip' of the chainplate (seems insufficient at roughly 7mm). What distance from the top f the chainplate should this be.

    I've tried posing this question inHurley Owners association but no response. Sorry for less than perfect use of nomenclature!

    Many thanks for any help answering this.

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