Chain locker side angles ?

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Boo2, Apr 2, 2010.

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    I keep reading that chain lockers should narrow towards the bottom. I suppose this is to ensure that if a link of chain is pressed against the side it becomes easier to lift it as it moves up (the opposite would obviously apply if the locker side leaned inwards towards the top).

    However, I have not found any references which say what a suitable "angle of lean" might be for a chain locker side ? Any ideas gratefully received.

    Also, as an aside, the same effect must presumeably occur if the locker sides are rough, I was thinking of glassing mine up with some mat, but this will likely leave a rough finish, will that be a problem ?


  2. mark775

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    I have bean around chain lockers that had straight sides with no undue problems. I always assumed that the sloped sides of a small boat's locker was simply because of the hull shape. No, tho roving would be a much better protector. If using poly, I would consider a layer of matt, then roving. If using epoxy, a layer or two of combination fabric would be better.
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    I think it's more to prevent the "pile" of chain to fall over and get tangled...

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    The amount of "fall" is important too. The deeper the chain locker, the better off it will be for stowing the chain.
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