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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by peter boot, Aug 6, 2020.

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    Hi everybody,

    Have a boat designed 14.80x3.80 meters.
    Would like to know what the sailing characteristics are.
    But see so many kinds of software that I can't make a choice
    Does anyone have experience with: CFD simulation / NFA Simulation?
    What I want can be seen here
    The question is which software do I need?
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    Be warned that you're not going to calculate that in reasonable time on a workstation, and you're looking at months of learning and validation if you're new to it.
    It's fascinating but if you're after productivity outsourcing may be both faster and cheaper.

    That video is done with an older proprietary supercomputer code using silly amounts of cores. It's US defense related so i don't think it is in reach for us europeans.

    I see a guy posting his comparable stuff (well, comparable minus the photorealistic rendering, but that is not the hardest part, any CFD package can export to Blender) on facebook and linkedin: Nikolai Jiltsov. I think he's working on Star CCM+. (I don't have any link with him, just enjoy watching his videos because he's doing fine at more airborne stuff than i could handle on openFoam these days, or than i was able to with Numeca 3-4 years ago - the latter may have progressed in the meanwhile.)
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